A Love story… from Rome to Harper’s Bazaar

12 April 2019/by Admin

Jewish marriage in Rome: a photoreportage

22 March 2019/by Admin

Bride’s portrait: when beauty comes from happiness

25 February 2019/by Admin


13 February 2019/by Admin

The Ferragnez: Chiara and Fede in 12 shots

8 November 2018/by Admin

The Ferragnez: between Baroque and Hollywood

12 September 2018/by Admin

The Ferragnez: the wedding photos published worldwide

10 September 2018/by Admin

He loves picture, she loves manga: we love Las Vegas and WPPI!

9 September 2018/by Admin

A breath-taking wedding in Rome, the eternal city

28 August 2018/by Admin

Leave the mirror and move to Sony

27 August 2018/by Admin

Intimate Wedding in Venice

26 August 2018/by Admin

Wedding in Florence at Westin Excelsior

11 July 2018/by Admin

Indian wedding ceremony at Villa Pitiana

3 July 2018/by Admin

Wonderful wedding in Tuscany at Borgo Castelvecchio

16 June 2018/by Admin

Getting married in Tuscany at Vincigliata Castle

1 June 2018/by Admin

Jewish luxury wedding weekend in Capri

9 May 2018/by Admin

Exciting wedding in the countryside of Siena

2 May 2018/by Admin

Vincenzo Dascanio luxury weddings

24 April 2018/by Admin

Luxury wedding at Il Borro

18 April 2018/by Admin

Black and white wedding_ Castello di Meleto

12 April 2018/by Admin

Wedding at Villa di Maiano

4 April 2018/by Admin

Wedding at Borgo Stomennano // WPPI 2018 // Our love is here to stay

19 March 2018/by Admin

Wedding in Portofino // WPPI 2018 // The man that I love

8 March 2018/by Admin

Wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro // San Galgano // WPPI 2018 // You look like a movie

6 March 2018/by Admin

Romantic elopement in Venice

18 February 2018/by Admin

Wedding in Perugia countryside. Jean and Toby

17 February 2018/by Admin

The Last Shot // WPPI 2018

2 February 2018/by Admin

Crazy wedding at Vincigliata Castle and Villa San Michele

15 January 2018/by Admin

Wedding in Positano. Sea and love

6 January 2018/by Admin

Amazing wedding day at Il Borro

6 January 2018/by Admin

Wedding weekend in Sharm

12 July 2017/by Admin

Camilla & José

13 June 2017/by Admin

Monal & Chris

23 May 2017/by Admin

Interview with Tamara Lackey

4 May 2017/by Admin

Shereene & Pranav

26 April 2017/by Admin


4 April 2017/by Admin

323 Minutes in Tokyo

23 March 2017/by Admin

Aunie & Giorgio

14 March 2017/by Admin

Spring renaissance in tuscany

7 March 2017/by Admin

He will never see his father

21 February 2017/by Admin

Wedding in Como Lake

7 February 2017/by Admin

Wedding in Castelvecchio

20 January 2017/by Admin

Canon_ Il bello e il buono

12 January 2017/by Admin

CARATS&CAKE Serena & Mikael

12 January 2017/by Admin

Is the wedding photographer still important?

13 June 2016/by Admin

Ashley & Geraint

10 May 2016/by Admin

Urban Wedding in Paris

3 May 2016/by Admin

Ben & Co

22 April 2016/by Admin

PWS 1° Award: Naya&Patrick

21 April 2016/by Admin

Emozione dopo emozione_ ANFM_

20 April 2016/by Admin

WPPI: Member of the Month April 2016

12 April 2016/by Admin

Two days in Florence

5 April 2016/by Admin

Intimate wedding in Florence

23 March 2016/by Admin

Two Cultures one Love

15 March 2016/by Admin

WPPI 2016 Yes! I did it Again Grand Award

11 March 2016/by Admin

Jewish Wedding

10 March 2016/by Admin


8 March 2016/by Admin

jet fete

3 March 2016/by Admin

Wedding in Positano

19 January 2016/by Admin

The Simplicity in a click

11 December 2015/by Admin


10 December 2015/by Admin

Grace Ormonde

21 August 2015/by Admin

Romantic Jewish Wedding

18 June 2015/by Admin

Wedding in New York

11 June 2015/by Admin

Foto Notiziario

22 May 2015/by Admin

Grace Ormonde

29 April 2015/by Admin

Congratulations from Style me Pretty

29 April 2015/by Admin

Style Me Pretty

1 April 2015/by Admin

1° in The WPPI Awards

5 March 2015/by Admin

What is WPPI…

5 March 2015/by Admin

Irish Brides

24 February 2015/by Admin

Winter Wedding

10 February 2015/by Admin

Wedding in Castiglion del Bosco

22 August 2014/by Admin

Romantic Wedding

23 June 2014/by Admin

Special Photo Wedding

16 June 2014/by Admin

Style Me Pretty

5 June 2014/by Admin

Persian Ceremony

7 May 2014/by Admin

Tuscany People

14 April 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Ireland

10 April 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Villa La Ferdinanda

31 March 2014/by Admin

Jewish Wedding

24 March 2014/by Admin

Indian Wedding

3 March 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Siena

27 February 2014/by Admin

Indian wedding in Arezzo

20 February 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Four Seasons

13 February 2014/by Admin

From Beirut to Florence

6 February 2014/by Admin

Jewish Wedding in Tuscany

3 February 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Villa Artimino

29 January 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Cortona

24 January 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Sorrento

17 January 2014/by Admin

Vintage Rome

17 January 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Castle of Vincigliata

16 January 2014/by Admin

Jewish Wedding in Florence

9 January 2014/by Admin

Wedding in Poppi

21 December 2013/by Admin

Japaneese Phototour

21 December 2013/by Admin

Wedding in Paris

10 June 2013/by Admin

Jewish Wedding in Florence

7 June 2013/by Admin

Click To Click

16 March 2013/by Admin

a lovely day in London

4 May 2012/by Admin