Villa Dossi Pisani

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Wave upon wave: a shimmering wedding in Positano

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Caroline & Marcello wedding in Apulia

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The white issue: the essence of a bride

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White lagoon: the poetics of a wedding in Venice

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A bride’s smile (Wedding in Tuscany)

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A sparkling wedding on the shore of the Arno

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Santorini, a white wedding in a white island

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From Los angeles to Florence: a glamour asiatic wedding

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A spectacular wedding: mother Russia on Como lake

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The kiss: how to find the shot that becomes an icon

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A tea in the desert: birthday in Marrakech

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Luxury wedding in Florence (with a chinese tea ceremony)

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A Love story… from Rome to Harper’s Bazaar

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Jewish marriage in Rome: a photoreportage

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Group’s portrait: what remains of that day

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Bride’s portrait: when beauty comes from happiness

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The Ferragnez: Chiara and Fede in 12 shots

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The Ferragnez: between Baroque and Hollywood

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The Ferragnez: the wedding photos published worldwide

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Leave the mirror and move to Sony

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Luxury wedding at Il Borro

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Wedding at Villa di Maiano

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Wedding at Borgo Stomennano // WPPI 2018 // Our love is here to stay

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Wedding in Portofino // WPPI 2018 // The man that I love

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Wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro // San Galgano // WPPI 2018 // You look like a movie

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The Last Shot // WPPI 2018

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Amazing wedding day at Il Borro

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Wedding weekend in Sharm

12 July 2017/by Admin

Camilla & José

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Monal & Chris

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Interview with Tamara Lackey

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Shereene & Pranav

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323 Minutes in Tokyo

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Aunie & Giorgio

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Spring renaissance in tuscany

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He will never see his father

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Is the wedding photographer still important?

13 June 2016/by Admin

Emozione dopo emozione_ ANFM_

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Two days in Florence

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Two Cultures one Love

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WPPI 2016 Yes! I did it Again Grand Award

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Wedding in New York

11 June 2015/by Admin

1° in The WPPI Awards

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Irish Brides

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