David is an Italian luxury wedding photographer but it would be better to call him storyteller.
Born in Florence (Tuscany, Italy) to a family of photographers. He learned by experience, next to his uncle and his father, how to narrate real feelings through images.
The strong photographer origin of his family (since 1932), made David ask himself important questions during adult age, questioning about the gap between working as a photographer and being a photographer, challenging himself and questioning his abilities every time.
Today, thanks to this attitude he understands reality of things and he is aware of being completely seduced by his job, namely his greatest passion: photography.
His endless research of the Aesthetics of beauty allowed him to fine-tune a well-defined, yet constantly evolving style, based on elegance of shape and light, an interaction distinguishing all his shots.


Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy
Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy
Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy
Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy

From Los angeles to Florence: a glamour asiatic wedding

From Los Angeles to Villa Gamberaia, chasing the fil rouge of a sophisticated glamour: this is how we could sum up the marriage of Denise and Jonathan, a luxurious Asian wedding on the hills that overlook Florence. A week before the summer made its formal entry into the calendar, in Florence the air was already hot, the blinding light ready to match the gold that had dominated this wedding.

The day of Denise and Jonathan was coming, and I was ready to put my hands on the machines to capture the air of joy and celebration with my experience as a wedding photographer. The requests of the spouses were my compass. They both had a precise idea of what they wanted from that marriage: impossible to explain in words, better to show it through the images.

A spectacular wedding: mother Russia on Como lake

Dancers and performers, the traditional costumes of Russia, a leap into the fire hand in hand: this was the marriage of Margarita and Ilya, a splendid Russian wedding on the shores of Lake Como. Here I also had the opportunity to meet again some couples with whom I had worked for, such as Chiara Ferragni and Fedez.

Margarita – who now runs the influencer marketing agency Dazl Media – had always dreamed of getting married in Italy and had her dream come true with an extravagant, eclectic and multiform weekend, right during the summer Solstice. The sumptuous Villa Balbiano – with its flowery gardens and overlooking the lake – did the rest.