David is an Italian luxury wedding photographer but it would be better to call him storyteller.
Born in Florence (Tuscany, Italy) to a family of photographers. He learned by experience, next to his uncle and his father, how to narrate real feelings through images.
The strong photographer origin of his family (since 1932), made David ask himself important questions during adult age, questioning about the gap between working as a photographer and being a photographer, challenging himself and questioning his abilities every time.
Today, thanks to this attitude he understands reality of things and he is aware of being completely seduced by his job, namely his greatest passion: photography.
His endless research of the Aesthetics of beauty allowed him to fine-tune a well-defined, yet constantly evolving style, based on elegance of shape and light, an interaction distinguishing all his shots.


Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy
Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy
Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy
Luxury wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy

A tea in the desert: birthday in Marrakech

As Jimmy Fontana sang, «the world never stopped a moment» and I didn’t do it myself. For a wedding photographer working in Italy and abroad, the summer season is a real marathon. And before starting the summer, working in luxurious weddings in Italy, I made one last trip for a truly exclusive service: destination, Morocco.

The sun of this hot summer reminds me, now, of the sun of Marrakech: that’s where I flew to fulfill the desire of Paulina, the bride protagonist of a fantastic wedding at Villa Cora, in Florence, which I photographed last year and who has been published in Brides (if you want, I’ve already talked about it in this post).

She wanted me to tell the story of her 30th birthday with images. I had not seen her for months, but she is still the same; with her white Yves Saint Laurent suit and her always present Louboutin, she runs towards me at dawn when we meet at the fabulous Amanjena Resort. Perhaps she is even more beautiful than the day of her wedding in Florence: getting married with Peter has made her even more beautiful.

What an adventure: an Indian wedding in Vietnam

I didn’t know what to expect when I left, as in an adventure, to work as a photographer in this spectacular Indian wedding in Vietnam. Perhaps, none of those who participated at the wedding of Kaabia Grewal – famous jewelry designer and co-founder of the luxury jewelry brand, The Outhouse – with the entrepreneur Rushang Shah, really knew what to expect. What we experienced has gone beyond all expectation for sure.

It was March and I was in Las Vegas: the WPPI was coming to an end, but with excellent results for us, as I have already told in this post. I knew that the next destination would be Vietnam, and specifically Phú Quốc, an island in the Gulf of Thailand known for its white sand beaches and tropical jungle. Many natural elements joined together, the charm of a distant land rich in history, two incredible spouses: all the ingredients made think of something amazing.