David Bastianoni Studio grows in the heart of Tuscany, between a shot of David and a photo of Alessia; from the desire to share with a cohesive group of skilled and professional photographers their experience, with a style refined over the years spent together.

Traveling among the most exclusive places in the world, through the utmost style and editorial care and a strong passion for Fine Art photography, the Studio tells the stories of a tasteful clientele with elegant and timeless images.

Without overstepping your space, invisible guests will accompany you throughout the day, always ready to meet your every need, to capture the best moment where you will be forever.



David is a editorial wedding photographer, but it would be better to call him a storyteller.
He is able to transform situations into breathtaking images, with the ability to make each person feel charming and comfortable in front of the camera.

Training in the linear perspective of the Renaissance and the endless search for the aesthetics of beauty distinguish a style based on the elegance of form and light; David’s photos combine a complex mix of experience, refinement and attention to every detail.

The approach, the line, the perspective; the elegance of the details, the finesse of his subjects, the class and good taste. Everything seems to find its own balance in his images.

David’s work is unique, and for this reason he is considered one of the best photographers on the Italian and international scene. Known for his extraordinary ability to capture the most exceptional moments and subjects in their most honest side, David’s photography offers new perspectives, always elegant and authentic, a true art form.

Over the years he has traveled and photographed in the most exclusive places in the world; a privileged observer, as he likes to call himself. His work has earned him publications in prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Brides and Elle.



Known for the elegance of her photography, Alessia has the ability to represent your stories inherent in the most intimate moments, with clear and clean images that convey pure authenticity.
Her sophisticated and careful style, strongly influenced by the continuous search for the right shot, the natural shape and that detail lit by light, is able to capture and enhance your moments of full emotion.

Graduated in economics and fashion lover, Alessia approaches photography using her background to enhance every shot; elegance is the great protagonist of her images. Luxury weddings become the world where she can make the most of her skills and her passion for fashion.

She met David a long time ago; a meeting of ideas, photographs conceived with four eyes before being taken, and endless projects. From these years of work, side by side, David Bastianoni Studio was born.



Lorenzo, a Florentine photographer and architecture graduate, is passionate about capturing the perfect moment in time. His unique approach to wedding photography is what sets him apart from the rest.

Lorenzo’s eye for detail and his ability to capture the subtle nuances of a wedding day are what make him a standout in the field of wedding photography. His use of light and shadow to create stunning photographs means that couples can relive the memories of their special day for years to come.

In addition to his photographic skills, Lorenzo also has an eye for design. He takes the time to understand the couple’s vision for their wedding day and then works to create a stunning backdrop for the photos.
He loves to work discreetly and offers a personalized service, with a touch of personal style that refers to his architectural studies.



Between bold colors and clean lines, Elisa’s is definitely a style that combines genuine naturalness with great creativity.
It is an impeccable mix of photography and editing, a study matured over the years on the theory of color; Elisa is specialized in shooting and retouching, passions that she was able to perfect and develop within the Studio.

Now, drawing on her passion for art, she has managed to create for herself a definite and simple style, made of clean lines and refined images. A style matured over the years, leaving nothing to chance, carefully studied and aligned with that of the entire Studio.

Elisa joins the team very young, with almost ten years of experience in the world of weddings, with a background in advertising graphics and photography; her studies completed with a degree in event planning.



Gianluca is the Studio’s Post Production Specialist. He joins the team with a complete background in photography since the early years of high school and throughout his training at Studio Marangoni, where he is also a professor of some courses. The long practical experience and the different jobs followed over the years leads him to the creation of images that perfectly represent the style and taste of the Studio.

Post production is where a good specialist can make their mark, the final stage of a careful creation process. The shadows and lights are applied at their best, contrasts are softened and colors are intensified according to the emotions and the subject in the background. He will take care of every single detail by finishing the final touches of each photo, to make sure images are elegant and in everyone’s taste.