BastianoniPhotography is a photographic studio that grew from David Bastianoni’s desire to share his passion with a hand-picked team of talented people who have worked by his side for many years now.

As David puts it, “being able to share your ideas with a group of people you trust allows you to grow more quickly and to maintain the right perspective on the creative process. And this goes into making your work ever more emotionally and professionally satisfying.”

Our studio creates weddings in Italy and around the world, all in the skilful hands of photographers and photo-editors who curate your photos with the utmost editorial style and care.

The studio’s headquarters are located in Castelfiorentino, and the building itself tells the story of the family’s photographic tradition. First established in 1932 by David’s grandfather who was famous throughout the province for his landscape photography, the studio came to include David’s father and uncle as well. It was here, in this family-based creatively innovative environment, that David learned to love the art of taking pictures.

Today, the 200-sq. mtr. building is home to an ample shooting studio. David and his team have laid out the space so as to welcome clients in a comfortable, professional atmosphere. The whole team works together in common accord—except for when it comes to choosing music to listen to!



A native of Tuscany, Francesco has 20 years of experience as a freelance photographer.

After completing Scientific High School, he sensed that his life needed to chart a different course. Rather than pursue further studies, he decided to travel for several years and ended up exploring numerous countries around the globe. It was during this time that he fell in love with photography, and so he headed to Milan where he began work as a photographic assistant in a fashion studio. He then lived in Berlin for 2 years, where he further developed his passion for photography and for independent film-making.

He approaches wedding photography with what could be described as a documentary-like style, capturing his subjects in a familiar, honest light.
He loves people, and appreciates the details that make each person different from everyone else. Alongside his work, he carries on with personal projects devoted to social photography, a pursuit that has earned him great acclaim.



Endowed with rare instinct and genuine emotion, Alessia has a gift for discovering love in every life form. Reflecting this passion, her photos capture private glances and catch the special quality of intimate moments.

Alessia has worked as a wedding photographer for 10 years. After completing a degree in economics and working in business, Alessia opted for a total change in her lifestyle. Thanks to the love of photography she had picked up from her father, she threw herself wholeheartedly into this new direction.

Her passion for fashion has led her to search for style and elegance in every photo. Eyes open to the possibilities contained in every moment, Alessia is forever alert, always ready to capture the ideal instant to reveal the emotions within.



Thirty years old, Elisa is the youngest member of the studio, though she has already acquired 8 years of experience in wedding photography.

She has an academic background in advertising graphics and photography, and she finished her studies by earning a degree in event-planning.

Never wandering far from photography or from editing, Elisa has always chosen to pursue both passions, and here in the studio she has found the perfect setting to develop them even further.

Her love of art and her enthusiasm for travel have pushed her to seek out a new, distinctive way to perceive the details of everything life has to offer. Her style is rich in bold colours and clean lines.



Professionally “born and raised” alongside David Bastianoni from the very start, Paola was the first to take part in the studio and to contribute to its growth. Her masterful editing has helped make David’s photography all that we know and admire today.

Paola studied set design at the Academy of Fine Arts and then went on to specialise in visual arts and theatre.

“Postproduction is a great flavour-enhancer,” she says, “and therefore you have to know how to apply it in appropriate doses. When it comes to colour, light and shadow, you have to learn the skill of ‘seasoning to taste’ in order to intensify or soften contrasts if you want the message and the emotions to come through. Postproduction may not always be a crucial tool in making a photo beautiful, but I do consider it a trusty friend to give you just the right helping hand at just the right time.”



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