Party and Location :: David Bastianoni Luxury wedding photographer

Let the party begin!

During this phase of the wedding, the photographer is transported by the situation; he has to pay attention because nobody tells you when something important will happen. I often tend to listen to the people, to understand who’s the people person of the event to try to anticipate some move, I study all the lightening that has been created for the party and which will be the most beautiful spots that I have to shoot whishing that there will happen something extraordinary. the right place at the right moment is actually that correct, therefore every picture, apparently a random picture, there is always a great study.

Each social range, religion or nationality gives importance to different wedding steps. For instance, some people consider the Aperitif the central moment of the party where everybody get together and greet the bride and groom. For others the dinner has to be rich of course and it has to be long, other people prefers it shorter, at least one hour dinner, otherwise it would be too long.

A wedding photographer must pay attention and has to make a balanced report of each steps of the wedding, not leaving anything out.

Giving importance even to the setting is fundamental; it helps to set the event’s place in time and space but it will be mainly a unforgettable memory for the bride, groom and guest of the location it self and of the why they have chosen that purposeful location.