Groups :: David Bastianoni Luxury wedding photographer

Groups photo are the nightmares of wedding photographer because they are less creative part of this job.

Not for me, I tried to make this wedding photo aspect a characteristic feature of my style, inspired by the history of art and fashion photography I have always tried to make family photos much more than just a memory, but a picture full of action and elegance.

I love to rebuild, with what I have available in the location where I am, nice and harmonious situations where people can interact with each other and have fun.

the group photos I try to shoot are much more truthful, in my opinion even more interesting, than the usual static photo where everyone looks in the room and smile, it is not just deciding where to take the picture but also to make people understand the final result that I would like to get.

The groups photos always change a lot depending on the type of guests that are there, if for example the couple have many young guests who joke a lot of each other I try to recreate a situation that allows him to “play” and “shout” all together without being too set up
while other times are just the same brides to ask me a nice family photo with an elegant line and a style of fashion editorial, and I’m happy to satisfy these requests.

My aim is to make this moment, usually boring even for the couple, extremely fun for everyone.