Getting Ready… the waiting of something beautiful.

A Wedding photographer doesn’t really know what he may find behind the door, a calm with self-control bride with just few people? Or chaos and panic with parents and many bridesmaids? Anyway the “getting ready” is the part of the day I love the most.

I like to arrive a little bit earlier to take my time to analyze people and the situation, limiting myself in looking around me, studying the light, the most important thing for a wedding photographer.

I always try to pay my attention, which I usually find when I’m far from the Bride and I take pictures of the accessories while looking around me. This moment is very important both at a personal level and as a photographer.

Taking beautiful photos of the wedding dress, the shoes and the different details allow me to enter in the right mood of the wedding. I do not consider this type of photo as “surround pictures”, on the contrary they are a fundamental part of the “getting ready”.

The bride who is having her make-up done, friends and family who are helping her to get dressed, that little detail that will make the difference, they are all fundamental moments, but the part I prefer the most of the “getting ready” is when I sometimes can steal the bride” at least for 5 minutes. This makes my job so wonderful, as when I’m alone with the bride who opens up with me, who gets emotional, who thinks about what she is going to do in a few moments. it is in these moments that all the true emotions come out and make me shout out loud of joy.