Details :: David Bastianoni Luxury wedding photographer

I would like to tell you a story, and as respectful story it is rich with details.

The details of a wedding are a characteristic feature that make one event different from an another, they make you understand the type of costumers you are dealing with and a wedding photographer must always keep in mind that every little thing he sees was chosen with care for a couple to make their day unforgettable and unique.

I always try to do my best to reproduce the atmosphere that I breathe, it’s not always easy to reproduce a setting in a photograph that it proves to be rich and well taken care of at first sight, there is always the risk that what we are going to shoot can be seen other than in reality.

Locations, lights, flowers, centerpieces, accessories and gadgets, everything it has been planned for a long time so that they communicate the couple’s style and character. I have a lot of fun with this kind of shooting, on studying the different prospects to understand how a still object could show and communicate at its best a sensation.

When I speak about details I mean not only the location and the wedding arrangements
but also the smallest parts which help you telling a story in the best way possible,
the outstretched hands of the groom waiting for his future wife at the altar, the little touch of the brush that turns the bride’s tender lips red, little moments that I can capture and that tell the mood of the people in front of me, are the details that make a unique story.