Ceremony :: David Bastianoni Luxury wedding photographer

The ceremony is the Wedding

A wedding photographer’s work born to capture the ritual that celebrates love between two people.

The emotions that I have the privilege to capture are many, for instance all the moments before the ceremony starts, when the father sees for the first time the bride dressed in white ready to hold her while walking her down the aisle, but the most exciting and difficult to capture stills the moment when the groom sees his future bride for the first time, there you can say that the ceremony starts!

During the whole ritual I always try to be respectful, it is an important moment where the figure of the photographer has to remain marginal, but always ready to document everything that is happening.

I have the fortune to photograph different rituals of different religions, this allows me to know many mentalities and traditions, all characterized by important moments, this is the interesting part of being a photographer, being able to wander between colours and sounds of Indian rites to the enthralling dances of the Jews up to the Christian ceremonies in majestic churches, rich with history.

Being able to make justice to these places and to these ceremonies is the goal that I always aim to before starting to shoot.