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Bride Alone

Many wedding photographers consider the bride as an angelic and heavenly figure, as if they were equal, emotional and delicate on the wedding day.

In my opinion the bride is first of all a real woman, each one with a different story that indelibly affects her expressions on her approach in front of my camera.

On the Wedding Day each one of them emphasize their character, my job as a wedding photographer is to understand how to make the most of all the shades, expression and gestures of these fantastic and so important women.

The notions that I always try to have in mind while I do a photography session with a bride are always the same such as to understand who is in front of me, to analyze the light that surrounds me and to be in connection with the bride, trying to make her feel the most beautiful and important person in the world at that moment for me.

In this case I’m not only documenting a person’s moment in life, but what I would also like to realize is a proper and real introspective portrait of the woman I’m looking at, of the emotions that she’s feeling and of how she will want her future children to see and remember her on that day.

What we are going to do, us wedding photographers, is a real and proper social document.