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Bride and groom

If I decide to take a photo of a bride in a certain context where the photo is neat and elegant, the effect is not so immediate do obtain when the figure of the groom enters the picture. First of all another person enters the photo with a defined character and arrogance and with a physicality which is usually more important that the female one. This can both reassure the woman who feels more confidants or it can alter the balance. Here you can see a good wedding photographer, who relates two people loving each other so that you can perceive this feeling also through the camera’s eye.

The pose is not fundamental, neither the advice that you are giving but how you make them feel, they are not models used to acting a role, they are 2 people who love one another and they’ve decided to share their life together and this strong feeling is visible in the camera only if the bride and the groom feel confident with me.

The style I decide to give to the couple’s photo is always dictated from the type of people that I have in front of me and by the context of where I am, the environment and the light which always play a fundamental role in weddings’ photography, sets are never prepared earlier but there are only locations that you may have never seen before and they always have to create a feeling with the couple.

Elegance, neatness and harmony, are three concepts that should never be forgotten when taking photo of a couple.