About :: David Bastianoni Luxury wedding photographer

David Bastianoni is a luxury wedding photographer, based in Tuscany, Florence Italy.

It is more accurate to describe him as a storyteller.

Born from a family of photographers based in Florence, Tuscany, Italy since 1932, he learned by experience, next to his uncle and his father, how to narrate realism of feelings through images.

This strong origin, made David ask himself important questions during adult age, questioning about the gap between working as a photographer and being a photographer, challenging himself and questioning his abilities all the time.

Today, thanks to this attitude he understands reality of things and is aware of being completely seduced by his job, namely his greatest passion: photography.

His endless search for the Aesthetics of beauty allowed him to fine-tune a well-defined, yet constantly evolving style, based on elegance of shape and light, an interaction distinguishing all his shots.

His Tuscan origins influence his education rooted in the study of linear perspective of the Renaissance. His artistic researches have always been based on the knowledge of great masters as food for thought about his personal experience, which he transforms into a picture able to engrave a  fragment of history in the flowing of time.

He has been travelling a lot to define his photography, shooting all over Europe, in New York and Las Vegas in the United States, in Africa, in Sharm el Sheikh and in Lebanon.

Being able to travel and shoot different cultures makes him, as he loves to define himself, a privileged observer; an aesthete able to step into the life of his newlyweds for one day and add his signature style to the story of an unknown person.

His decision to devote himself to wedding reportage, made David establish numerous professional collaborations: testimonial of Floricolor, Fundy, jpegMini, Snapshot and Profoto, as well as Master of Wppi in Las Vegas. He has been awarded with several Italian and international prizes:

1st Place PORTRAIT DIVISION and Grand Award  at  Wppi, Las Vegas
1st Place Wedding Album (single photographer),  Wppi.
2nd Place Wedding Album (single photographer),  Wppi.
3rd Place Engagement,  Wppi.
2nd Place Wedding Details,  Wppi.
March, Master on wedding album layout in Las Vegas,   Wppi
Marche, Interview with Adorama and Le Focus Magazine
March, Round Table on Today’s Photography with Gianni Berengo Gardin
March, Workshop for Afmi, French Association for wedding photography, light and composition
April 2017 Workshop for Canon Serbia

1st Place ALBUM DIVISION- WEDDING (multiple photographers) and GRAND AWARD  at the Wppi, Las Vegas
2nd Place Gold Awards in Wedding Photojournalism, Wppi.
3rd Place Album Division ¢ Engagement , Wppi.
3rd Place Album Division ¢ Wedding (single photographer), Wppi.
3rd Place Silver Distinction, Wppi.
April _ Master for Pws Athens Convention
October, Master on Wedding Photography, Athene
November, Interview with Image Mag
November, Master Obiettivo Sviluppo

1st Place Awards of Exellence Album Competition 2015 & Grand Award at Wppi, Las Vegas
1st -2nd-3rd Place Album Competition and the Grand Award during PWS Photowedding Stories Greek Convention
April, 2015 Interview on photography by Reflex Digitale

3rd Place Album Competition Single Photographer at the Wppi, Las Vegas
March, Milan, Speaker at Photoshow
October, Gnnp France Workshop for wedding photographers.

“2012 Best Wedding Photographer” unanimously acknowledged by FIOF association – Fondo Internazionale Orvieto Fotografia (International Orvieto Photography Fund) and
“2012 Wedding of the Year” by ANFM Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio (National Association of Wedding Photographers), QIP of the year (Italian qualification in professional photography).

October, Naples, Seminar for the National Association of Wedding Photographers.