Group’s portrait: what remains of that day

The preparation, the arrival of the bride, the exchange of the rings, the kiss: these are all salient moments that a wedding photographer absolutely cannot miss. They are, however, the most intimate shots of the couple, they are essentially made for them.

What remains to others - to families, to friends, to witnesses, to bridesmaids - instead it is usually the group portrait. It is the photo that is given as a present after the ceremony, the souvenir of a perfect day that - in an album or in the frame on a shelf – will remember that moment forever. It is the memory of a moment that is handed down to future generations and that will one day be used by children or grandchildren to see how it all began, the imprinting of a primary aesthetic sense.

The group photo is not taken for the couple or rather, not just for them. It is the moment where a whole day is blocked in a single photo shot that will remain and which, exactly for this reason, has to be able to speak for itself and to group in one image a whole love story.

In the group photo there is no avant-garde, there is no experimentation: it is a simple composition that follows classical rules, it is timeless. It is the shot that tells the family, friends, the community that tightens around the couple. For this reason, in some way, it leaves the perimeter of the intimacy of the spouses and expands to those who share with them that special moment. Here then, to grasp an image formality means to pass on the history of that family in that particular moment.

In other times, during a wedding, the photographer looks for that special and unrepeatable moment or for the unexpected gesture. In the case of group portrait, however, it is the day itself unrepeatable, because all those people are gathering together to celebrate that precise moment and to have that photo in return.

The portrait is itself a posed picture and the group portrait is even more: you have little time in which you have to be convincing to make the shot credible, charismatic because everyone follows your instructions and, above all, you must be quick. You have little time, many subjects, a great excitement around and a goal: to tell a day in a single image. For the spouses but, above all, for all the others.