Bride’s portrait: when beauty comes from happiness

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It may be true but beauty is also, above all, a pure emotion. The one without filters that illuminates a person because it comes directly from the soul.

Brides are always beautiful. The attention paid to every detail - the makeup, the hairstyle, the jewels, the dress, the care of the hands or the accessory - is a meticulous weave that builds magical material. Around a bride everything is beautiful, the embroidery of the fabrics, the nuance of the flowers, the preparation of the ceremony. But the beauty of a bride comes from her joy, from the pure emotion that radiates.

Portraying a bride on her wedding day is like dancing with her. It is a dance for two, in which everyone knows exactly how to move, so that each figure can succeed at the best, so that no one steps on each other’s feet.

If it is true that the wedding day is for a bride the most beautiful day - one in which you really feel the protagonist of your destiny - it is equally true that it is a day full of emotions and, often, also of some tension and a little stress for the concern that everything will works in the right way and that the day unfolds exactly as you have imagined it.

The hours before the ceremony, especially those of preparation, are a delicate moment but they are also the phase in which most of the portraits are made: the makeup details, the dress, the intimacy with the bridesmaids or the family, the palpable emotion of when everything is about to happen. In that exact moment the photographer has work to capture the right shot but, above all, he must do it without being intrusive. He must dance gently around the bride, never making her uncomfortable, but rather establishing a relationship of trust and intimacy with her. Only in this way he can get close enough to grasp the truth of those emotions, without poses, without effort, without thrusts that disturb that equilibrium.

Portraying a bride is like dancing with her: everyone performs their steps, they move knowing exactly what to do, following silent and never impetuous dynamics. A relationship of seduction is established between the photographer and the bride: because portrait photography becomes two, both give something and both receive it.