Leave the mirror and move to Sony

David Bastianoni moves to Sony mirrorless

In the last 10 years I have worked with pleasure and great satisfaction with the old Canon system, trying to fill the gaps of the camera and thinking a lot about the details of every single image; in January, last year, however, my photographic research was full of doubts and uncertainties more than ever.

I think that things happen for a reason. So, perhaps, it is no coincidence that just before leaving for Las Vegas I was contacted by Sony Europa for the test of the A7III and A9. I was already using Sony but I had never considered the idea of completely changing my way of working, so I let a few days pass, to stop and think.

Leaving the certain for the uncertain is always a bit strange, there are some initial difficulties in the approach, so I decide to start using both systems. During my way back home from a wedding I was working for in Como, I noticed that I had left my Sony cameras at home. In that moment I realized that I was missing something. Let’s analyze this.

Seeing everything from a monitor - whether external or internal - makes photography slightly different; I start thinking more about the content of the image than looking for the picture, the message I want to send must be clear before I even pick up the camera. Having a 100% self-confidence on the final shot, with Sony cameras I can have more time to think about the image content exceeding the technical issues. Well, I was the real obstacle for the camera. Once I understood this, I approached each wedding with the desire to discover and tell differently, being able to get even more into the scene: thanks to the flawless AF system I can talk more with the subject and look for the essence of the portrait, take better care of the composition, follow the story.

Therefore, the camera is no longer just something that shows me the scene: it has become a real extension of my body, with the certainty that every time the photo will be exactly as I imagine it.

Here are some other reflections. The use of the flash is slightly different, but setting it to second curtain sync this lag is filled almost entirely. Battery life allow you to take pictures for the whole wedding without problems: it's a great advantage. Nothing to say on the file: in our studio we always pay lots of attention to this aspect, but the data of Sony files have a wider dynamic range and I find them really well workable. Finally, let’s speak about the weight which is in my opinion fundamental: not feeling the cameras on me allows me to be always careful and to follow with greater clarity every moment of the wedding.

And now, for lovers of technical data, this is the equipment I use: A7III con 28 mm f2 o 35 mm f1.4 A9 con 55 mm 1.8 I love this lens, I interchange a 85 mm 1.8 o 70-200 f.4 Flash using mainly the second curtain sync to decrease enormously the lag of response

The added value of the A9 – beside the AF tracking e Eye autofocus – it’s certainly the monitor without the black out: it allows me to always remain focused to the subject.

Here you are some images with various shots.