Wonderful wedding in Tuscany at Borgo Castelvecchio

Wonderful wedding in Tuscany at Borgo Castelvecchio, nearby Siena. Two youngster in love with these landscapes have decided to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany.

A fantastic day in early October, the sun came and went from behind the clouds to frame the beautiful village of Castelvecchio surrounded by the countryside of Siena. Celebrating a wedding in Tuscany at this time of year is perfect, not just because of the already gentler weather but also because the changing colors always give different points of view every day.

Isabelle and Michael celebrated their wedding together with their families in this beautiful place, Borgo Castelvecchio. Isabelle prepared herself with her bridesmaids in the ancient rooms of the villa, where the whole day was held and which was entirely organized by Alessia Broccolini.

The ceremony held in the front garden of Borgo Castelvecchio offered the newlyweds and all the guests a wonderful view in the open countryside of Siena. 

After the moving ceremony we had a lot of fun during the couple photo session thanks to the wonderful friendliness of these two young people. Tuscany always offers a simple and beautiful setting and I think I understand all these young spouses who fall in love with this landscape and decide to come and celebrate their wedding in Tuscany.

Thanks to Floricolor Albums