Getting married in Tuscany at Vincigliata Castle

This couple decided to getting married in Tuscany at Vincigliata Castle. The castle is located on top of Fiesole hills, overlooking the city of Florence in Tuscany. History and legends contributed to make this castle popular.

A medieval castle built in 1031 located on Fiesole hills and that overlook on a marvelous view of Florence, Vincigliata castle has an incredibly interesting history. It has had many owners among the years, in 1840 almost in ruins, it caught the attention of an English Lord who bought it and entirely renovated keeping its original medieval structure. 

There are also many legends that have increased over the years, the one I prefer is the legend of the White Lady. A tragedy worthy of Romeo and Giulietta: Bianca, a much courted girl was madly in love with the son of the worst enemy of her family, but their love apparently I will triumph over all things hostility.

On the day of the wedding Bianca went up to the tower of the castle to wait for his husband, but she saw that, while he was reaching her, the knight he was assaulted by his beloved brothers, and they killed him. Legend has it that Bianca died of heartbreak still dressed as a bride, since then her spirit hovers within the walls of the castle to protect all lovers.

Working in this magical place is always a pleasure and a privilege, a friendly and professional staff always helps us to make every wedding simply perfect. The spouses are always very fascinated by the medieval castle and by the air you breathe in a place full of history and love.

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