Black and white wedding_ Castello di Meleto

Yuexi and Han got married at Castello di Meleto. This sweet and delicate bride allowed me realizing this project with the smoke in the castle’s theater. I developed the photos with a delicate black and white. The project it has been an unexpected challenge, since I’ve been awarded for three times in the last three years thanks to a wedding shooting settled at Castello di Meleto, not only because the location is magical but also because I always try to give a different prospection, a change and the idea of moving forward. Yuexi and Han is a young couple of doctors who are in love with the Italian food and with travels. As they came in Italy a few years ago, they immediately felt in love with our landscape and understood that they wanted to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany. What better place than the castle of Meleto to best represents the history and nature of our beautiful region? As they are open to new ideas, I’ve suggested them a project that I had in mind for some time: to use a smoke machine to recreate a dramatic and theatrical background in the small theater situated in the Castello di Meleto. They were so excited by my idea that we had a lot of fun putting in place this personal show with smoke, bezel light and a lot of complicity. During the dinner I’ve put in two flashes B2 and a strip and then I’ve testes the smoke machine…the new just arrived toy! Yuexi has been a gorgeous bride, with pretty dainty ways but at the same time ironic and funny, we had a lot of fun during the whole preparation along with her beautiful bridesmaids. The 
amusing ceremony was celebrated in the castle garden which was overlooking the whole countryside of Siena framed by the wonderful music of Chiara Trallori. Their wedding planner Valentina of Blanc ricevimenti have organized a really unique reception and party. I decided to set up this project in a very simple way to leave photos to breathe and the importance they deserve; I’ve used a delicate back and white as it was the physicality and the movements of my beautiful bride and also as opposed to the work of Camilla and Oliver I did last year. Obviously, the photo album was printed by Floricolor.