Wedding in Portofino // WPPI 2018 // The man that I love

Second place won for the category album division Single wedding photographer at WPPI 2018

Joe and Joe, what to say… a really nice couple!

Two extremely true people; I tried to convey their genuineness also in this project using a linear and pure color graphics. I wanted the emotion to arrive directly to the admirers and I tried to keep this rhythm from the beginning up to the end for whole day with the aim to have as much as possible a homogeneous and pleasant story.

This photo album was completely driven by the desire to communicate the style and the simplicity of this couple that was so interesting to my eyes.

I remember everything of that wonderful day; it has been a privilege to found myself conspiratorial of the intimacy of this couple. I wanted to use a sharp and contrasted touch-up for the photos, accentuating the natural blacks and whites that were there during the preparation at the Hotel Piccolo in Portofino, I then carried on with a most vivid color for the outdoor ceremony, which was held in Castello Brown in Portofino.

Getting married in Portofino has been a chosen because of Joe’s Italian origins and from the desire to celebrate the most important day of their lives in a place that reminded them one of the first paintings they’ve received as a couple. It depicts a magical place, the same magical place they saw looking at Castello Brown in Portofino.

This same sex wedding has been entirely coordinated by the excellent Giuseppina Daye who really did a great job making the day magical for the spouses and their families. It has been a nice intimate and simple reception but at the same time full of elegance.

Seeing rewarded this so simple marriage, far from me on one hand and very close on the other, confirms me that the road that I have undertaken is the right one and I want to continue to pursue it.

Thanks to Floricolor Albums