Wedding at Borgo Stomennano // WPPI 2018 // Our love is here to stay

Third place won for the category album division single wedding photographer at WPPI 2018. Shooting at Borgo Stomennano

I have always been very attracted to the theater, both for the form of the story and for the study of the lights made for each scene, light is the main character, it is essential for the correct reception of the message. 

I have always tried to bring all of this into photography, experiencing every shot just like a theatrical staging, analyzing the subject, what is communicating to me and what he wants to communicate to who is looking at it. I did all this by inserting the subject in an environment that thanks to the use of light communicates the same thing.

I always get inspired by the couple in front of me to take pictures that fully represent them and Alex and Cavan were perfectly in line with this my fondness.

They married in the village of Stomennano in June, the day was very shady, the sun peeked out from a cloudy sky and this gave very contrasted tones that allowed me to develop the photographs of this album as real paintings.

The fantastic strong character bride conveyed me freedom and lightheartedness, with her golden hair stirred by the wind.

The whole day was organized by Ben Singleton of ItalyWeddings, who besides organizing fantastic weddings he is also an art enthusiast and an artist. The wedding took place in an atmosphere of joy and love with an intimate ceremony in the garden of Borgo di Stomennano. A very elegant reception was concluded with the spectacular cake made by Delizia Ricevimenti.

Alex and Cavan were fantastic and very enthusiastic about my project, we had a lot of fun together and this made their photographs personal and spontaneous, with expressions and movements that are part of their person.

My job is to make sure that when the couple will look at their photo album in the fantastic printed book by Floricolor can recognize and admired them even after a long time.