The Last Shot // WPPI 2018

First place won for the category album division Event / Informal at WPPI 2018. What I’m presenting to you it is the project I’m the most attached to and which has most inspired me during this year. I always try to carve out some space to think about what can be the worthiness of photography for society and for people. I’ve found myself very often talking to elderly people of my small village during this year and I’ve realized that I am completely not aware on this life’s aspect. I have therefore decided to deepen this input that was given to me and I went to the nursing home in Castelfiorentino to meet these people who are forgotten by society and by me in person.

I tiptoed forward, introducing myself; I do not even know if these people understood why I was there. I started shooting with a simple idea, a single portrait for each person, a true image that can tell this moment of life with courtesy.

Once I left the nursing home my emotions were very mixed, I was extremely gloomy and sad but at the same time I was satisfied and aroused, positively shocked and determined to deepen this topic.

The thing that made me think over and over was the feeling of suspension and of expectant that these people gave me and a strong depersonalization that unfortunately certain diseases and old age itself lead you to have. For this reason I’ve decided to capture with a photograph all that is still true in those eyes, in those faces and their expressions. The aim was to block over time a defined character that still communicates and who will communicate, thanks to photography, to anyone who will look at it in the future.

All this brought me back to reality: the life made by points of lights and shadow, as I meant it, it was suddenly questioned, once the famous carousel stops and the spotlights are off, it's time to put life on the scales and while reflecting on it you are suddenly thrown to reality and  real values ​​that we too often forget.

I’m extremely grateful with all my heart to my friend Tiago who has decided to donate to each person I’ve shoot a copy of all his or her photos. This will make me and especially them very happy.

I would like to thank all. This is my last shot but actually it will be my first for the next season.

Album by Floricolor