Crazy wedding at Vincigliata Castle and Villa San Michele

The amusing preparation and the ceremony took place at Villa San Michele and the wedding at Vincigliata castle. Kerry and Ryan have decided to use one of the most beautiful locations for their wedding in Florence, splitting the day in two parts: the preparation and the ceremony at Villa San Michele and the wedding reception at Vincigliata Castle. Kerry and her friends had a lot of fun and amused also me during the whole preparation; they are very crazy bridesmaids who knew how to cheer up the bride and gave me some really unique and spontaneous shots. The ceremony has been very cozy and emotional; the event had been fully organized and coordinated by the very good wedding planner Valentina from Blanc Ricevimenti. We then moved to the Castello di Vincigliata, situated on one of the most beautiful hills of Tuscany, a few minutes far from Florence; it is a wonderful location where you can look for a unique atmosphere for unforgettable events. Kerry and Ryan, a couple very careful to details, decides to set up the dinner inside the castle and the cut of the cake in the characteristic inner courtyard, the newlyweds have decided to entertain their guest with some amusement offered by Galateo Ricevimenti catering that it foresees the preparation of the Wedding cake in front of all the guests. The entire event has been fun and the party unforgettable by Florence that framed this wonderful day of end of August. Make up artist : Daniela Delia