Interview with Tamara Lackey

  I had the pleasure of sharing many things with the great Tamara, including this interview I propose to you. It was the day before the big night of the WPPI Awards in Las Vegas 2017 and I began to think back to what I had that little I did until then not that today things are what I know but definitely used to analyze my whole situation. I've been thinking about what I did not understand, and I realized the importance of having people who stimulate me continually. In these years I've been wandering so much and I lost in the anonymity of other people's smiles, I found friends, colleagues and assholes that I wanted to fuck. You will notice a change of my politically correct but I am convinced that at some point we must stop with the fussy and fake dialogues and get out of the shade to show our true nature. This post reflects me a lot, because it does not follow a logical thread, like my life and my photography, in a meeting or a loss like getting in first at an appointment, is all controlled by the case. I have already said too much but thanks for these reflections it is necessary for my friends friends and salvatore Salvatore, Nik, Keda and Jhonson. To Jason who made me go home after the trip to singapore with a stimulus to believe in myself, to Jerry, who can always make me realize that I'm really a “jerk” without ever really dying. At the serendipity that always runs me and amazes me as it happend in the Floricolor Tiago meeting in Las Vegas leaving me to leave people with whom I had started, Because I needed a change, to start with new projects and I knew it was the right thing to do. I risked losing people with who I worked with, to continue my research for the "right" idea to prove to myself that I know what I want to do and there are no other truths than to believe in what I do. Then there was the Anfm convention made of smiles, joys, light plants, perhaps too fake. But there is always Felicia, who I do not know how it always does, I often think to her these days and I want to know what casinos are combining. I really miss. And finally there are the people you do not want to name, with whom I do not want to talk because I'm on the balls, I really thank them because they continually stimulate me in these nights of uncertainty surrounded by cigarettes, wine and books, wondering if Maiser is the evolution Of Newton and imagine being at a party in study 54; Maybe I was there, definitely dream of being there for the party of Jagger and his white horse. Now you really know how I think and say this I can only be happy about how things are going in all directions. We'll see what the future holds to me. From tomorrow I will start photographing again seriously even though I do not think I've ever stopped, however I try and expect you. Good Light a par of a pair of b***s; The light is always right is usually the photographer who is wrong. David Bastianoni